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Paclitaxel Coated PTA Balloon Catheter on 0.018” platform

MSM coating technology blends paclitaxel with BTHC, a rapidly metabolized, safe and biocompatible excipient, thus improving bioavailability.

MSM DEPERI offers exceptional deliverability thanks to the MSM BTK Catheter. Dual lumen shaft technology. Linear Compliance

Homogeneous and precise paclitaxel dose of 3.0 μg/mm2 for an effective treatment of the lesion. Needle like structure works like micro reservoirs.

High drug retention time in the arterial wall

Size Matrix

Proven Carrier / Drug Concept

Carrier: BTHC Transfermatrix

Drug: Paclitaxel

Drug Dose: 3.0 µg/mm2


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